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Staycation Ideas to Enjoy with Kids

If traveling is impossible, a staycation is a good option still. So there’s nothing to be worried of. But of course, sure that what worries you is the fact that what staycation ideas for your kids to enjoy. There are a lot of activities you can introduce to your kids. Depending on your kids’ ages, I am sure that you will never get out of ideas  ...

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What to Pack in a First-aid Kit for Kids

If you are having kids with you wherever you go, it is really essential to always prepare at all times. Since there are a lot of things can happen anytime, it is always best to have something you can grab on in times of needed. And yep, what comes first into your mind is what I am referring to – first aid kit. First aid kits aren’t just home’s  ...

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To Go Healthy Snack Ideas

Bringing kids with you, particularly on a trip, can be a little tough. With that, it is really advantageous to know how you can deal with this dilemma with ease. There are a lot of ways how you can simply make your kid enjoy things wherever you go, whatever events you may end up with. It’s just a matter of knowing how to make things work out  ...

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Ways to Unwind

I’m pretty sure that sometimes, we all get to experience too much stress. Thus, we end up having wrong output, problems here and there, and even communication problem with our loved ones. And when it comes to this, I always find unwinding a good remedy. But of course, there are many ways how to unwind and get yourself free from stress. People  ...

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How to avoid Being Scammed in a New Place?

It is common to many to get experienced being offered an over-price rate for certain stuff such as fare, food, and the like most especially if you are new to a place. With that, you may opt in for a tour guide rather than travel all alone. But if you are on a budget and that tour guide would cost you high, opting in alone is the best option.  ...

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Cebu to Dumaguete

If you are from Cebu and have plans in going to Dumaguete but you don’t know how to get there, then this post is definitely for you! Negros Island is just at the bottom part of Cebu. When you see it from the map, you’ll see how close Cebu is to Negros. Going to Dumaguete won’t cost you that much through land transportation. Going to Dumaguete  ...

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The Malls around Cebu

If you are living in a province and malls aren’t available in your place, it isn’t a problem if you live nearby Cebu. Cebu is one of the progressive cities in the country. With so many investors settling good businesses on this island, no wonder why a lot of malls have popped up in here. When it comes to different establishments, Cebu is one  ...

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Foods to Have during Long Trips

Long trips are tiring and quite boring. Thence, whenever you go out somewhere, it’s good to have something to do and munch on while waiting for you to arrive. When it comes to taking a long trip, sure that doing something comes in limited option but not when it comes to eating, though. But of course, if we talk about food, for long trips, a  ...

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The Best Places to Visit in Cebu

If you are given a day to spend in Cebu, what places are you going to visit? Sure that there are so many places you’d like to see but for those who don’t have any idea on where to stroll around Cebu for a day, then you get to read this entire article. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Cebu. From modern places to historical ones,  ...

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